Geckos also symbolize:

Plentiful bounty, good fortune, and intelligence

Your journey to healing will involve a transformation.

Change is always uncomfortable, but the reason people call for a counseling appointment is because what they have been doing is not working.

A change is needed, and it happens inside the person you see in the mirror.  

The pieces of shattered hearts can be mended to create a beautiful new image of hope and rebirth. It is our sincere desire to walk with you on this journey, helping every step of the way to teach and encourage a new way of thinking and feeling that will last for the rest of your life.

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The following is a compilation of what different sources say about the symbolic meaning of geckos.

  • Geckos represent transition and transformation, death and rebirth, metamorphosis, and letting go of old things for the new.
  • Geckos also stand for our ability to overcome and cope with challenges.
  • For shamans, gecko medicine teaches us to be aware of the subtle messages in our lives, to be perceptive to the changes around us, and to detach ourselves by letting go of things over which we have no control.
  • In Australian Aboriginal culture, gecko is a symbol of regrowth and surviving disasters.
  • Gecko shows you that it is possible to rejuvenate and regroup even after you have had some setbacks.
  • Gecko is also the message of patience and letting go of opposition, and heeding your own intuition before anyone else’s.
  • They help you let go of the past, and propose change in your life.
  • Gecko signifies that it is time to let go. You may need to let go of old ideas, patterns, belief systems, habits, actions or lifestyle because the old may threaten you in some way now.
  • They prompt the need to go within and examine your present reality, and then move with confidence and utmost assuredness into a new chapter in your life.
  • Gecko shows how to be out-going with tact and how to cope and overcome obstacles.
  • Gecko will show how to let go of old outdated perceptions to make room for new.
  • Gecko can teach how to maneuver in this transition phase of mental, spiritual, and emotional death and rebirth.
  • He will show how to emerge successfully in this spectacular change within yourself.
  • They remind us of wondrous emergence from transition as they depict dream guidance, beauty, mystery, communication, mysticism, and awakenings.
  • When Gecko appears, it is also a time to pay attention to dreams and visions for he will show how to shift and molt perspectives.
  • Gecko can show how there is regeneration in life’s endeavors by listening to this inner guidance so one can find balance in this transition time.
  • Gecko’s message is for you explore your shadow self. Allow your inner self to flow. Make a concerted effort to contact your higher self. It is an outstanding time for affirmations and visualizations. Time to let go of fears, worries, and all those things you are resisting. Use your power.

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