Other Areas of Specialization

Our therapists can help in many areas. We are dedicated to making sure you receive the best care possible, and we will tell you if we are not the best fit for you and will refer you to a trusted colleague that can best care for you.

Here are several of the issues we work with regularly:

Anxiety and Depression

While anxiety and depression are not simple issues, the simplest definition of anxiety is “an over-focus on things that may or may not happen” and the simplest definition of depression might be “an over-focus on things you cannot change.”

Working on changing the focus of your thoughts to the present is a big step toward the reduction of these issues. It takes time and effort. We have steps that can help to change your focus, and we will get to the root of the problem to suggest a path for lifelong relief.

Affair Recovery

An affair strikes at the core of a relationship. Recovery from an affair takes time and effort, and cannot be rushed. Rebuilding trust and finding the underlying causes means delving into some deep recesses of your hearts and a strong understanding of relationship dynamics. It takes courage and strength.

This process also usually needs some help from an experienced and compassionate guide to navigate these difficult waters. We can help you move through this process to heal damaged and broken hearts.

Coping with Divorce

Divorce is a devastating and traumatic event for most people that journey that path. While we work as hard as we can to prevent this from happening, nevertheless, sometimes it does.

We can help you work through the difficult issues of splitting possessions, co-parenting and adjusting to custody schedules, dealing with you or your partner dating someone new, and all the other challenges that arise from this difficult transition.

We can also recommend services that will help ease the hardships of attorney fees and lengthy court battles.

Sexual Issues

Sexuality is a very complex topic. Understanding how and why you ‘tick’ sexually is a puzzle that takes time to unravel, and it touches every aspect of what makes you… you. Add another person, and their complexities, to the mix, and it is no wonder that people have issues arise in their sex lives.

With the added ease of accessibility to pornography, etc. and the current levels of sexual addiction in our culture, sexuality can be a difficult area to tackle. You will need a courageous and non-judgmental therapist to help you.

Grief and Loss

Loss is a part of the human condition that is interwoven into the fabric of our lives.

The loss of a loved one, a lifestyle we hoped for, a relationship, a dream, the love we always needed but didn’t get… these and much more are things that must be mourned.

The closer the loss the longer it takes to grieve. Many times the feelings of grief come in waves, and the big ones can make us feel like we’re drowning. The grieving process can be much easier to navigate when it is shared with another compassionate human being. We can help you work through these difficult times and overwhelming feelings.

Shame and Abandonment

Shame and Abandonment are two closely interwoven issues that affect everyone in some way and to some degree.

Shame is characterized by the phrase ‘I’m not good enough’, and abandonment is captured most simply by the phrase ‘Everyone leaves me’.

Shame and abandonment are issues that must be healed in order to have truly safe and intimate connections with others. There are layers that can be traversed to bring much needed peace. We can help you work through them compassionately and effectively.

Self Esteem/Body Image/Worthiness

Shame would have each of us believe that we are not worthy. Not worthy of love, acceptance, connection, fulfilling relationships… perhaps even to live!

Self-esteem issues are driven by this lying shame voice in our minds. It is fertile ground for anxiety and fear as well as depression. There is hope, however, and great strides can be made to combat this liar. Let us help you see how beautiful and amazing you really are!


Relationships with your Higher Power as you know it are inherently complex. We can help you work through your own belief system non-judgmentally, as a mirror to help you see things in yourself that you cannot objectively see.

While we do offer Christian counseling, we do not force our personal beliefs on anyone, but rather help you find what you believe, and work through confusion or pain you may have regarding your spirituality. We have worked with all kinds of philosophies and beliefs in a non-invasive and non-judgmental style.

Codependency and Counter-dependency

We believe that codependency and counter-dependency are two sides to the same coin, and that people can move between them, taking turns on each side from time to time, causing havoc and a lack of peace in their relationships.

While codependency is a more mainstream word defined by characteristics such as being other-focused, needy, insecure, passive, and not having a strong sense of self; counter-dependency is it’s alter-ego of sorts exhibiting characteristics of grandiosity, obliviousness, self-focus, independence, and aggression.

By understanding how these things show in your relationship, we can help you find the middle ground where peace resides.

Chronic Illness

How do you cope with disappointments in life when your body won’t let you do all that you would like to do? We can also help you prepare for end of life transitions. Let us help you find some peace in all circumstances.

Family of Origin Issues

Our paradigm is based on understanding messages learned from your experiences with your family of origin. Let us help you grow up and out of your old roles and dynamics to improve relationships and feelings of personal well-being.

Blended Families, Foster Care, and Adoption

We believe that families come in all shapes and sizes. The transition that happens when families blend or add new members in these ways can sometimes be tumultuous. Let us help you find your new normal including all your loved ones!


When unexpected and traumatic events happen, whether over time or in a single instance, it changes everything from our brain chemistry to our beliefs about the world. We can help you work through trauma and reclaim the peace that was lost.

Work-Life Balance

In a world that is increasingly demanding of our time and attention, balancing all of our wants and needs along with those of our family can be quite challenging. We can help you work through priorities, and learn how to feel good about saying “no” and “yes” and distinguishing which answer is the best one for you.

Pre-Marital Therapy

Congratulations! Getting married is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. Going into such a commitment with your eyes wide open will help you have realistic expectations of married life and why you chose your future spouse. Don’t go into it blindly, let’s talk about what you need to know before you tie the knot.

Speaking Engagements

If your business, church, or agency would like to hear a therapist’s point of view on a particular topic, we would be happy to come to your venue or host a small gathering (10 people or fewer) to discuss the topic of your choice.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and schedule a date and time.

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